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Cost Per Inquiry and Cost Per Sale Advertising

What is Cost Per Inquiry (CPI) Advertising?

Cost Per Inquiry Advertising (CPI) is a way for marketers and advertisers to generate Sales, Incoming Calls and Leads for their product and/or services in a cost effective manner. The advertiser or marketer is not buying the advertising time as in a cash media buy situation, but rather is only paying a % for a call or lead that is generated by a consumer call to the clients’ 800 #, a visit to the clients’ website, landing page or the filling out of a web entry form. At the appropriate time, NMS can provide your company with a Free Infrastructure Review of your company’s infrastructure as well as products and/or services to determine if your offering(s) will qualify for the NMS CPI Program.

Current Available CPI Categories:

  • Tort Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • 1st and 2nd Mortgages
  • Mortgage Modifications
  • Credit Repair
  • Bankruptcy
  • Tax Resolution
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Student Debt Consolidation
  • Insurance Leads
  • Financial Services
  • Specialty Retail
  • Solar Home Services

What is Cost Per Sale (CPS) Advertising?

CPS is a very similar program to a CPI program. CPS programs allow marketers and advertisers to sell a product and/or service directly to consumers or businesses and then share a % of the gross sale price with NMS. NMS does not typically except any CPS programs with retail sales prices that are below: $300.00 per unit sold. If you have a product or service that sells above that amount and has a high markup, NMS may consider a CPS program for your company. CPS is not for every product or service and NMS may also require a small or medium DMA market cash buy test at the clients’ expense to determine the viability of a CPS program with NMS.

Current Available CPS Categories:

  • Retail Products With Gross Costs of $300.00+
  • Whole Sale Products With Gross Costs of $300.00+
  • Services That Offer Programs With Monthly Fees To Consumers
  • Solar Home Installations
  • Home and Business Energy Upgrade Programs

Is CPI or CPS advertising right for my product and/or service?

Contrary to popular belief, CPI and CPS offerings are not simply free advertising! In many cases a CPI/CPS deal may not be appropriate for a particular product or service. CPI/CPS offerings may not be a good way for under budgeted advertisers or marketers to get on the air. In order for CPI/CPS advertising to work there are several elements that are required to offer a great CPI/CPS program to consumers and/or businesses;

  1. A great set of TV, Radio and/or Online Advertising Spots, Banner Ads and Videos.
  2. A very easy to remember 800 number(s).
  3. An extremely good website, web address(s) and landing page(s).
  4. A 24 x 7 call center, answering system and a great call center script.
  5. A product and/or service that is unique, priced right and of interest to the general or specific consumer or business.

NMS CPI/CPS Platforms

Over the past several years NMS has developed many new and exciting CPI/CPS Platforms and Programs:

  • TV: National and Local Broadcast TV, Cable and Satellite TV Networks and Stations
  • Radio: National and Local Radio Stations and Programs
  • Streaming Radio Stations: Pandora, I-Heart Radio and 1000’s of Terrestrial Radio Stations
  • Digital Advertising: Email, Video Rolls, Banner Ads and Remarketing Ads
  • Print: Newspapers, Magazines and Direct Mail
  • Mobile Advertising: Smart Phones, Tablets, App Available Desk Top Computers

What costs are associated with NMS, CPI and CPS programs?

In order to get a CPI/CPS Program started the client must invest in its Infrastructure (ie. TV Spots, Radio Spots, Online Ads, Website, Landing Pages, 800#, Call Center Training and Scripts) as a starting point.

  1. A Monthly Deposit in an amount to be determined by NMS Management based on conversations with the client and the Free NMS Infrastructure Review, as well as the final negotiated cost per lead or sales generated rate. NMS will bill against this monthly deposit for all leads or sales generated.
  2. Client is responsible for TV, Radio and Digital and Mobile production ad costs.
  3. Client is responsible for all costs associated with the Call Center, Websites, Landing Pages and 800#’s.
  4. Client must invest in inventory to be able to ship product or offer services to consumers.

NMS can help your company manage all costs associated with a CPI/CPS program, including production and editing of TV Spots, Radio Spots, Online Ads, Online Videos, Websites, Landing Pages, 800 #’s, Call Center Training, Scripting, Credit Card Processing and even sourcing of products and services national or internationally.

NMS has access to every major retail chain and distributor in the USA and can help your company sell product or services, gain access and shelf space! If you want to be in Home Depot, Lowes, CVS, supermarkets and other retail chains and box stores, NMS has the connections and ability to make that happen for your company! Costs and deals will vary, so contact NMS now to get started!

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