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Partner Program


National Media Spots is looking for a few good partners! If you have a new or proven product or service, NMS may be willing to partner with you to market your products or services to millions of US households!

The NMS partner program can “DOUBLE” your marketing budget, offer you discounted production services and help your company create or expand your brand. With the NMS partner program you will also enjoy the benefits of having a National Media Company with access to all TV stations, cable systems, satellite systems, radio stations, digital and mobile platforms in your corner as your marketing partner!

The NMS Partner Program is open for business in 2017, contact your NMS National Consultant to see if your Product and/or Service may qualify for the NMS Partner Program - phone: 888-579-8088 or email [email protected]

How the NMS Partner Program Works

NMS and potential partner will review and discuss the product or service that can be offered by partner to consumers. This review is a honest discussion of the potential of the product and/or service in today’s market place, including the demographics, overall costs of the product and/or service, company history, current sales, potential future sales, media history, company’s current infrastructure and any other aspects that may help NMS determine the potential of the product or service. After the review is complete, NMS may either make an immediate offer to partner or may require a 1-2 month test run in the case of a new product and/or service.

In the NMS partner program NMS will match the client spot for spot for all media purchased from NMS. NMS will take a % of the sale of the product or service as its fee arrangement. Fees and percentages are negotiated between NMS and the potential partner.

Major Benefits of NMS Partner Program

01. If accepted into the NMS Partner Program, for each media spot purchased from the NMS rate cards and programs, NMS will match all national or local TV and media advertising on a spot for spot basis! This will double your media budget and overall marketing.

02. NMS Partners will receive the fastest turnaround and discounted media production for new TV spots as well as web development and online marketing support as needed.

03. NMS Partners will have full access to; NMS management, production and traffic departments for business and marketing advance.

04. NMS Partners will receive general no cost media consulting and infrastructure support from NMS at no additional cost.

05. NMS Partners may gain potential access to new manufactures and suppliers as needed.

06. NMS will assist Partner in a social media campaign to promote the Partners product and/or services.

07. NMS Partners gain advance access to new NMS inventories and programs.

08. If appropriate NMS will assist Partner with access and presentation to national and local retailers to expand the channels of distribution.

09. NMS in some cases, may assist Partner with access to potential investor capital.

10. NMS may assist and represent the Partner in the sale of the product, service or company to a potential buyer.