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Local Satellite TV

National Media Spots Local Satellite TV Platforms reach 75+ local DMA's and is continuing to grow on a monthly basis. Local Satellite TV Platforms are the fastest growing TV platforms over the past five years.

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With 100+ National networks with available advertising time, including CNN, FOX News, ESPN, Nickelodeon, USA, TNT, MTV, SyFy and more, NMS Local Satellite Platforms can provide you with incredible reach and targeted marketing.

If Local DMA's fit your needs, NMS Local Satellite system now offers Local Placement in the top 75 DMA's! That's local access to National Satellite Households in NY, LA, Chicago and all of the top 25 DMA's. Great custom rates apply, so talk with your NMS Consultant to see how NMS National Satellite TV Placement can put your product or service in front of the most upscale consumers that have the highest household income of any TV Platform!

From NY to LA, NMS Local Satellite TV Platforms offer targeted access on the best Networks all at rates that can't be beat! Contact NMS today at: 888-579-8088 and talk to your NMS National Consultant to get a Free Consultation and get started marketing your Product or Service today!