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Free Infrastructure Review

The NMS Infrastructure Review is a “NO COST”, Added Value Service that NMS provides their Clients to help them maximize their chances for successful Media Campaigns! The NMS Infrastructure Review is designed to help ensure that the technology and media infrastructure you have in place is the most cost effective, efficient and reliable solution to meet the needs of your business. If you’re going to run a Media Campaign, it makes sense to make sure that all the aspects of your Infrastructure are working together to maximize your chances for success. NMS can help you evaluate all parts of the puzzle, update and fix all issues prior to the start of the media campaign! NMS will review your infrastructure at no cost to your company and advise you how to resolve any issues quickly and cost-effectively! After your NMS Infrastructure Review, you can then resolve these issues with your own staff or NMS can provide you with discounted costs to help bring your company’s infrastructure up to the best potential possible!

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NMS Infrastructure Client Benefits

  • A detailed evaluation of your Company's Websites, Domain Names, and Landing Pages to maximize the ability of customers to find your company online and generate a “ROI” on your media investment.
  • A review of your Company's 800 Numbers and Answering Systems to maximize inbound and outbound calls to and from customers.
  • A complete review and testing of your Company's call center and Scripts to make sure your call center or phone system is running and working properly to support your media campaign.
  • An evaluation of your Company's TV Spots, Radio Spots, Online Video Spots and Scripts to make sure your media is reaching its intended audience with the best possible message and call to action.
  • An evaluation of your Product or Service for direct response marketing, branding and potential to national retailer options.
  • A complete review of your Projected Demographics to make sure your media is hitting the right audience at the right times.
  • An evaluation of your Company's Credit Card Processing terms and fees to make sure you are not overpaying for credit card services.
  • A review of your Prior Media Campaigns to evaluate how to increase your chances for a better, more successful media campaign.
  • A detailed evaluation of your Social Media Campaigns to date with an emphasis on making social media part of your success.
  • A general business evaluation of your main competitors and how they are affecting your media and success.