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Local Broadcast TV

If Local Broadcast TV fits your marketing neeeds, NMS local Broadcast TV offers you 100% access to all Television Advertising platforms and TV stations everywhere with great rates and quick placement! From Sports to News to The Super Stations and the up and coming Spanish Language TV Stations, NMS can place your products or services in front of millions of US Households! That's 114 Million US Households with 285+ Million Potential Viewers! With NMS Local Broadcast TV Station in all 210 DMA's in the USA. That's over 3500+ Local Broadcast and Independent TV Stations including; ABC with 229 stations, NBC with 226 stations, Fox with 223 stations, CBS with 215 stations and CW with 204 stations!

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Local Broadcast Shows

From Short form to Long form to Paid Programming, NMS can place your Local Broadcast TV spots in one DMA or all DMA's, everywhere they need to be seen! With Coast-to-Coast coverage into any local DMA, NMS Local Broadcast has the kind of access usually only available to big Advertisers at unmatched rates. That's 114+ Million US Households with 285+ Million Potential Viewers, waiting to see your TV Spots!

From NY to LA, NMS Local Broadcast TV offers total access, the best TV Networks and TV stations all at rates that can't be beat! Contact NMS today at: 888-579-8088 and talk to your NMS National Consultant to get a Free Consultation and get started marketing your Product or Service today!